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Thai Massage courses 

Level 1 course- 30 Hours

Level 1 is the basic course and will cover Thai massage in supine position and partially in a sitting position.

You will be introdiced to the historic backgroung of this form of massage, its correlation with Hatha yoga, ayurveda and the buddhist tradition,you will also understand the benefit and contraindication , energy lines and some important pressure points. 

Level 1 is a prerequisite for level 2

Level 2 course- 30 Hours

During level 2 you will deepen some aspect learnt in level 1, you will learn how to perform the treatment in the prone position, side position and more techniques to be used in the sitting position

You will also learn different types of assisted stretches and at the end of level 2 you will be able to perform a complete professional Thai massage treatment.

Both courses Level 1 and Level 2 are accredited by Ong Thai Massage School (Chiang Mai- Thailand)